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Varieties & Gastonomy

Alsace wines should be served chilled but not iced, ideally 8 or 10°c, the flavour, elegance and bouquet can be appreciated if they are served in a long-stemmed tulip glass.

sylvaner SYLVANER :
is a remarkably fresh and light wine, refreshing and easy to enjoy it is lively and vivacious, drink with shellfish, scallop, crustacean, escargot, cold starters, pie,saveloy salad, gruyere salad, pickle...

pinot blanc PINOT BLANC :
well-rounded yet delicate, combines freshness and softness, representing the happy medium of wines : chargrilled, soups, curried parsnip, asparagus, grilled fish, smoked shoulder of pork, roast, poultry, mussel,scallop, crustacean, escargot, pie,sushi, cold or hot starters, onion tart, baker's stew, omelet...

Riesling RIESLING :
is dry, refined and delicately fruity, with an elegant bouquet, mineral or floral, ideal with fish (grilled or cooked in sauce), smoked salmon, trout, prawns, roast poultry, poultry in sauce, sauerkraut, fried carp, poached trout, pike-perch, hot starters, smoked shoulder of pork, vale pork pie, chicken in white wine...

muscat d' Alsace
is very different from the sweet muscats of Southern France, dry and very aromatic, reveals the true flavour of the fresh grape: aperitif, asparagus (without vinaigrette sauce), desserts,

tokay pinot-gris PINOT GRIS
develops a characteristic roundness and opulence, rich, complex aroma is reminiscent of woodland and is sometimes slightly smoky : aperitif, hot starters, meat, smoked salmon,foie gras, fish in sauce, roast poultry or in sauce, pork or veal, duck, game : grouse, wild duck, pheasant, venison, Parties, Functions...

gewurztraminer GEWURZTRAMINER
full-bodied and well-structured, is probably the best-known wine, its intense bouquet displays a rich aroma of fruit, flowers and spices (gewurz = spicy), slightly sweet : excellent for aperitif, Thai and Chinese food, soft cheeses, (Munster, Maroilles...), ideal for Foie Gras, desserts, kugelhopf, Parties,

pinot noir PINOT NOIR
is the only red or rosé wine, characteristically fruity with hints of cherry, produced as a red wine : red meat & barbecues, kebabs, grouse, wild duck, rabbit, cheeses, steak, lamb, pizza, spaghetti, game, fondues, smoked shoulder of pork, beef, couscous, paëlla,

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