The Marzolf (domain , winery)

 The Marzolf family have been independant wine makers since 1640.

The passion of grape growing and wine making along with our “savoir-faire” has been passed down through generations

Sébastien, Denis, Jean-Luc, Fabien

the creator of the domain : René MARZOLF

You will find CARMEN in the cellar, for tasting, at trade fairs, as well as for your personalized labels.

The history of our family since 1904

Paul Marzolf came to Gueberschwihr in 1904 drawn by the potential for wine- growing in this area. His son , René, extended the exploitation in 1927.
He built a new cellar and began to bottle and sell his own wine in 1957.
René’s sons Jean-Luc and Denis who had the same passion for vines and wine making and had learnt the family wine making secrets , took over the management of the family estate in 1975. Their love of making fine wines and their respect for the vines and their regionwas passed down to their sons Fabien and Sébastien who in 2017 took over the responsibilities of running the family enterprise .
It is a family business.We work as a family on our small estate respecting tradition with environmentally friendly techniques .
We plant and tend our vines, harvest by hand and transform the sun rippenedgrapes into delicious wines.

Our philosophy

We grow 7 different Alsacienne cepages in the vicinity of our family home which we then transform into delicious wines for you to enjoy.
Sébastien has taken the exploitation to a higher level, by obtaining the certificate”Haute valeur environnenental”(high enviromental value) showing thier love and respect for the enviroment in which they live and grow their vines encompassing  the protection of wild life and wild flowers .

What does the label HVE mean?

The label HVE or, high enviromental value, is allotted to wine growers who produce thier grapes and wines respecting the enviroment, so that they produce a wine with the least impact on  their  surroundings. If you  see a wine with the label HVE, you know that the produceur has taken care to respect the plant and animal life, by careful use of chemicals and by creating natural zones where inscects  and wild life thrive
So if you buy a wine with a HVE label you are supporting these wine-growers who go to great lengths to protect the world in which we live.

The Marzolf estate  was awarded the HVE  level 3  which is the highest  level.


The grapes  are carefully harvested by hand and slowly pressed inorder to obtain all the different flavours  of the grapes 
The fermentation is carefully surveyed inorder to preserve the delicate flavour of the wine . Here savoir faire and modern technology go hand in hand to produce the finest wines 

Some of our prix and distinctions  :

You are in the beautiful region of Alsace in a Camper , Caravan or Motor Home ?
You can take a break and stop over in our court yard or in our vineyards , where we have two places available,depending on the weather and work going on in the vineyards
You can stay overnight free of charge , and take advantage of the opportunity of a visit to the wine cellar where Denis or Carmen will guide you through the wine making process. And of course to complete your experience, you can relax and taste our different wines (in moderation )