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Vigneron, Viticulteur Indépendant, Propriétaire & Récoltant
9, route de Rouffach - 68420 GUEBERSCHWIHR
Tél 03 89 49 31 02 - fax 03 89 49 20 84

History of the Marzolf Family.

The Marzolf family have been wine-growers for generations. They cultivate their passion for the vines and wine making, passing on the secrets of the profession from father to son.Settled in Gueberschwihr since his marriage in 1904, Paul passed on the knowledge of wine making to his son René. who since 1942 has kept the flame burning, producing excellent wines and developing a brokerage. The family house became too small to house both activities. He built the present-day house, courtyard and out houses.
Now it's his sons DENIS and JEAN-LUC turn to keep up the family tradition. They continue to enlarge the domain by buying new land on which to grow new vines, and by finding a fine alliance between the modern technology and the time-proven traditions.
Vendange de nos ailleux vers 1920 à cette époque on portait encore la hotte.... mariage de René Marzolf & Jeanne en 1942

arbre généalogique de la  famille Marzolf

sans stress...... les vendanges de nos ailleux (vers 1920)

René Marzolf (1906 - 2003) et son cheval

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