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The winemakers year...

Januar-February The period in which the vinegrower prunes his vines, allowing him to select the vine shoot which will carry the new harvest. Followed by the remouval of the old wood which is ground. In the cellar : the control of the evolution of the wine.
March-April Tieing up the vine, changing posts, wires, faulty ancours. Tieing and arching of the vine shoots. A good period for new plantations. In the cellar : its time to filter the wine.
May Its the month when we side shoot. (pruning the young shoots on the vine-stock). Ploughing between the vines inorder to remove the weeds from the ground. In the cellar : surveance of the wines;the CREMANT is bottled. The "Prise de Mousse" (formation of bubbles) takes place inside the bottles.
June Lifting the branches and tieing up, spraying to prevent the different parasites and illnesses of the vines.
July Through out the summer pruning, spraying, tieing up must continue.
August Summer pruning finishes, if there are too many grapes some are elimitated in order to obtain a better quality. In the cellar : the wine is bottled before the new harvest arrives.
September The winebottling is finished, preparations are made for the grape harvest. The grapes are hand picked for the cremant. (the sparkling wine)
October At last its harvest time...after so much hard work and patience followed by the " vinification" (wine making).
November Supervision of the fermentation, harvesting the last grapes for the late harvest wines:Vendanges Tardives, Sélection Grains Nobles, if its a good year: The old vines are pulled up.
December The wine is constantly surved.

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